This website is for those who strive for more… to BE more.  This is more than simply reaching one’s “full potential,” which is actually a subtly limiting concept. There is no limit to our potential.  As we continue to evolve and unfold, the seeds of new potential are created or unlocked.

Each section of this website is dedicated to a specific area of focus in which to develop with more topics to be continuously added over time). These are the skill sets necessary to further ourselves in our journey of personal growth. While it will not offer all the answers, this site and community that is forming around it is essentially a toolbox. Whether you use them or let them sit and collect dust is ultimately up to you and will be the determining factor in your success.  Growth is from doing – there are no shortcuts.

We’ll try to avoid fuzzy ideas and feel-good pep-talks, and focus on practical ways to develop the skills necessary to Become more. As you progress you will have all the encouragement you need.

Who are We?

Well “we” depends on how you approach this. On its own, this website is a beacon for those who share a desire to further themselves. We have no political or religious agenda, and have no interest in hard-sells.

Essentially we are simply a collective of individuals, and this website and related communities are our way of organizing ourselves.  Additionally, the founder, John Polemis, is a transformational Life Coach who uses his skills to help facilitate group events, offer the occasional presentation or workshop, and is available for private sessions for those who need the ally.

(To clarify, this is not a cult, religion, or subscription service. We are just a collective of individuals seeking personal change organized by someone who specialized in helping people realize their dreams. This website’s purpose is to provide a starting point and allow local communities to form as they may.)

Our Philosophy

This community operates under the following mindset:

  1. We all have the ability to change ourselves profoundly.  To become more than we were before on a fundamental level and in the process unlock new potential and abilities. We call this Becoming, with a capital B.
  2. Not everyone is willing to truly change.  A self-help book may sell millions of copies but only a small percentage of the purchasers will read and apply the material to reap the rewards of improvement. Whether such material is useful or not relies more on the reader than the author. We are ultimately responsible for our own Becoming.
  3. Personal change or evolution comes from  challenging our comfort zones and learning and applying new skills and habits needed to be the person we wish to Become.  We call this Work, with a capital W.  One’s Work is unique to the individual.
  4. While one’s Work is ultimately an individual’s responsibility, sharing that work with others of like mind and building a supportive community can be of great value for a number of reasons.  Simply articulating your Work to those who appreciate it and welcoming questions and discussions about it will allow you to bring better focus to that Work.  Also, when working alone, one runs the risk of self-delusion.  Study or intention alone is not enough and in sharing one’s work with others, it can more readily become clear when action has fallen the wayside to talk.  Additionally the element of accountability can be a great motivator.   Finally, seeing how others are struggling with their Work and applying various skills to further it, can be encouraging and educational.  Sometimes we need to “think outside the box” and what better way to do that than to see how others are working toward similar goals in their own unique ways. Thus, building community can greatly further one’s Work.

Taking the first steps…

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