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A Free Course Critical Thinking!

Gregory Sadler presents a 24-lecture course on “Critical Thinking”–something the world could always use more of. Presented at Fayetteville State University, the course features lectures on topics like Deductive and Inductive…

Getting Real About Binaural Beats

Today you will find binaural beats for changing eye color, reducing hair loss, and losing weight right alongside the ones claiming to reduce anger or improve memory retention….

Does Splashing Water on Your Face Really Calm You Down?

Ever watch a movie where someone splashes water on their face to calm down? Turns out there really is something to that! Read More…

When you are not safe

Just wanted to toss this out there. If you find yourself being victimized, and feel there is no place to turn for help, don’t believe those lies. An…

New Article on Breathing

I wanted to share with you a bit about the power of breathing and a simple technique that is surprisingly effective! Breathing