Finding Your Way Workbook


Are you feeling stuck or unsure about your life's direction? Have you ever wondered if there's more to life than just going through the motions? Discover your true purpose and unlock your potential with "Finding Your Way Workbook," a transformative workbook designed to guide you on your journey to self-discovery and personal fulfillment.

This engaging and insightful workbook is filled with practical exercises, reflection prompts, and useful tips that will help you explore your passions, values, and strengths, as well as assess your career path. As you work through each chapter, you'll gain clarity on your life's purpose and develop a deeper understanding of your unique path.

With this workbook as your compass, you'll be equipped to chart your course towards a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.



The workbook is broken down into seven parts, each with reflection prompts, tips, and worksheets.

PART ONE: Coping with Change

* Reflecting on the Pandemic

* Reflecting on Adaptability and Change

* Coping with Change Tips

* Coping with Change Worksheet

PART THREE: Goals and Action Plans

* Reflecting on Time Management
* SMART Goal Worksheet
* Action Plan Worksheet

PART FIVE: Emotional Intelligence

* Reflecting on Emotional Well-Being
* List of Common Emotions
* Tips on Managing One’s Emotions
* Emotional Intelligence Worksheet

PART SEVEN: Career and Professional Life

* Reflecting on Career and Professional Development
* Personal Brand Development Worksheet
* Career Path Assessment Worksheet
* Reflecting on Productivity
* Reflecting on Work-Life Balance
* Work-Life Balance Assessment Worksheet
* Reflecting on the Coming of Artificial Intelligence
* AI Career Resiliency Worksheet

PART TWO: Self Discovery

* Reflecting on Mindfulness
* Mindfulness and Presence Exercises
* Daily Mindfulness Log
* Reflecting on One’s Needs
* Determining Needs Worksheet
* Personal Needs Assessment Worksheet
* Reflecting on One’s Values
* Determining Values Worksheet
* Personal Values Assessment Worksheet
* Personal Values Card Sort Exercise
* Rokeach Value Survey
* Reflecting on One’s Passions
* Discovering Your Passions Worksheet
* Identifying Strengths and Opportunities Worksheet
* SWOT Analysis Worksheet
* Reflection Prompts for Journaling

PART FOUR: Personal Development

* Reflecting on Growth Mindset Cultivation
* Reflecting on Our Curiosity
* Reflecting on Problem-Solving
* Assessing Failure and Setbacks Worksheet
* Reflecting on Self-Esteem
* Self-Esteem Assessment Worksheet
* Reflecting on Negative Beliefs
* Tips for Dealing with Negative Thoughts
* Overcoming Negative Beliefs & Self-talk Worksheet
* The Hero’s Journey Worksheet
* Reflecting on Financial Wellness
* Financial Wellness Assessment Worksheet

PART SIX: Self-Care

* Reflecting on Mental Health
* Reflecting on Depression and Anxiety
* Reflecting on Gratitude and Positivity
* Reflecting on Relationships and Communication
* Common Self-Care Practices
* Tips for Improving One’s Self-Care Practice
* Self-Care Routine Planning Worksheet
* Reflecting on Our Relationship to Technology
* Digital Detox Tips
* Digital Detox Worksheet
* More Self-Care Reflection Topics


Finding Your Way Workbook: Exercises for Crafting Your Life’s Journey

Language:          English

Paperback:        193 pages

Publisher:          You Are Who You Create

ISBN-13:                979-8-9882805-1-4

Dimensions:         8.5 x 11 in