Coaching Referrals

Coaching Referrals

Below are certified coaches we have personally worked with over the years and can recommend wholeheartedly for those looking for a coach.  None of them are affiliated with You Are Who You Create, LLC. Every coach has their own unique style and approach so if you find you do resonate with someone please do not be dissuaded from finding others. A good coaching relationship is a powerful motivator and provides great accountability.


Michael loves working in partnership with people that want more for themselves: more joy, more peace, more love, more satisfaction, more success and more self-belief. He loves supporting people to creatively work through the obstacles that get in their way and start building fulfilling lives.


Selika helps her clients liberate their self-concept and their notions of reality from rigid thinking, limiting beliefs and false assumptions.  While reconnecting with their inner child and their playful, purest, wonderous side, she helps her clients find their Joyful Path and walk through their process of self-discovery and healing with freedom, skill and courage.
Therapist Referrals

If you are in crisis or having difficulties in your daily life  please reach out to a therapist, not a coach. (This is not affiliated with You Are Who You Create, LLC)


Specializes in Anxiety, Depression and Racial Identity issues.
(Licensed for NY)


If you are in the US you can use this service to find a therapist.  Therapists can only service the areas in which they are licensed.

Suicide Prevention

This has information on suicide prevention as well as links to hotlines and other services.