Want to connect with others in your area to share ideas and report on your work?  Consider joining a local chapter.  None in your area? Feel free to reach out to us to discuss forming one in your area or working with us to support you online. Sometimes we need to create the seeds of our community and nurture them for it to grow.

(See end of this page for a directory of all local chapters.)

What Local Chapters Do

We are not a teaching collective where the local group organizer is the teacher/leader/guru and the other members are the followers. While organizers certainly get the ball rolling by giving their own presentations and moderating discussions, ideally all members will feel encouraged to contribute in their own way in and their own time.

Since everyone has there own way of learning and being supported, we aim to have many types of meetings and offerings.  These include:

  • Group discussions – open or specific topic
  • Accountability meetings
  • Presentations
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Group coaching sessions
  • Mastermind groups
  • Social and Networking events
  • Member-driven mini TED talks

If we had a motto it would be: All members are teachers.  All members are students.

Any member can give a presentation on any relevant subject (even simple 10-minute TED Talk-style presentations are fine), report on progress (or lack thereof) in their Work, or host a discussion group. The organizer would help interested members get such meetings going.

Keeping on Target

In order to be effective we ask both members and organizers to please refrain from the following:

  • Pushing religious or political agendas, or soap-boxing in general
  • Recruiting clients or selling products/services
  • Turning meetings into a purely social outlet (unless that specific event is purely for socializing of course)
  • Becoming an ad-hoc therapist to others in the group (intentionally or not)
  • Profiteering
  • Being judgemental.

The objective of a local chapter is simply to create a safe space to share and grow.  While we always hope friendships will develop, this is not a social club.  Additionally, group organizers are not gurus – they are simply people who took the initiative to form a local group to attract others and help encourage and maintain member activities and participation.

Meeting in person helps add accountability to your work by providing a means of sharing both one’s successes and failures.  It also allows you to see how others are applying their work to fit their own lifestyle and needs and provide a useful sounding board for your own ideas.

We will also strive to offer online events to accommodate those who cannot make it in person or are not local.


This is not a for-profit initiative. However we do have some overhead fees with Meetup.com, location rental, and general operating costs, so we will often charge a small fee or ask for optional donations at the end of an event.  The nice thing about working with groups is we can spread out these costs.  When money is getting in the way of attending an event, please reach out to the organizer. We will always try to accommodate everyone.

Directory of Local Chapters

Don’t see a chapter in your area?  Feel free to contact us about the possibility of forming a group in your area.

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