John Polemis builds communities and provides the tools and structure to support them. This theme is reflected both here, in the formation of You Are Who You Create, and in the establishment of Hudson Valley Forest Therapy where his advocacy for self-care has been given voice.

John feels that both self-development and self-care are integrally tied. It’s important that those who strive to better themselves and overcome obstacles find the time to recharge and build the resiliency needed for the Work ahead.

This desire to create supportive communities and environments has also led John to develop support structures designed for the very professionals who work hard to support others.  Besides designing retreats and networking programs to aid coaches and other self-care and self-development professionals, John puts his technical skills to use in developing websites for those new to these professions so they can focus on their practice.

Using his talents as a life coach, John is able to cultivate communities focused on both self-care and self-development.