My “end date” at the NY Daily News was end of June 2018 marking exactly 23 years I had been a Daily News employee. Despite all those years, I had a habit of working behind the scene so mostly the long-timers know me by face. I kept your email working, ftp up, your ability to log in in general working, and all sorts of various aspects of your day going (usually) without a hitch.

Now that my run has ended I am taking a break, thanks to a decent severance, to learn some new skills (like Transformational Coaching) before I return to my realm in the IT world… at least until I can get my coaching, forest therapy, and other ideas off the ground.

Anyway… about this offer…

So while I am still working on my certification, I need to get out there and find clients to accrue needed practice hours.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to help out those who are going through what I just did.  Be you laid off or concerned about all the changes, if you think coaching is something you can use, I am offering free 3-month packages to anyone who was/is employed at the NY Daily News.

You don’t need to know me personally.  There is no trick or gimmick.   I was there.  I know the frustration and uncertainty all too well.  So if I am able to help by offering this, I want to do it.

To schedule a 30 minute introduction to see if coaching is right for you , click here.
For more information on Life Coaching click here.

Please send this to anyone you think can use the help.